General Site Services

24-hour Hot Shot delivery, facility and grounds maintenance.

We repair. We maintain. Most importantly, we build confidence in your operations while you save on the costs of avoidable shutdowns and downtime. As a matter of course, we operate with integrity and passion, always driven by safety and results.

Commercial and Industrial Site Maintenance & Clean Up

Every industrial and commercial site and building comes with unique maintenance and cleaning requirements and challenges. Our tailored services will ensure a safe, clean and healthy workplace.

Vital Energy Services can meet with your facilities staff to determine the specific requirements for your facility. Our team will work with you to ensure the best plan, program and schedule for your needs.

We can provide solutions for your special material handling needs, choices of cleaning processes, equipment and cleaning products that you prefer or that will work best for your project.

Ground Preparation and Snow Removal

Keeping your facility accessible and safe is always a challenge in our harsh and unpredictable weather. Vital Energy Services has the equipment and staff to ensure a smooth and incident-free transition between seasons, as well as during site modifications and construction.

We offer snow clearing and removal, as well as grounds maintenance and clean up. These are important parts of the bigger picture – your project and operations. We specialize in making sure the individual parts of your operations continue to run smoothly every day, contributing to your overall success.