Our Team

Vital Energy Services is founded on the strength and knowledge of our people. You are gaining the insight of electrical and mechanical maintenance professionals and cutting-edge technology. Our people are a combined knowledge bank of the electrical, mechanical and condition monitoring trades.

Together, our people have the training, certification and equipment required to provide you with turnkey maintenance solutions, advice and expertise. We pride ourselves on continued customer engagement and the safety and uninterrupted success of your operations. Through this work, we help prevent unscheduled shutdowns and safety incidents.Find affordable peace of mind with Vital Energy Services.


To understand and surpass our clients’ goals in safe and smart ways using our most valuable resource: the collective knowledge and experience of our people.


To set the industry bar perpetually higher with every project. We don’t operate in a “that’s just how it’s always been done” environment – we make thoughtful and informed decisions that contribute to client goals and project outcomes. If we can take what we did yesterday and make it better today, we will.

Our core values

  • Safety above all else.
  • Providing the right people with the right skills for the job.
  • Understanding our clients and their needs, even as those needs evolve.
  • Focusing your time and money and our resources where they will be most successful.